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Tonight I was introduced to a face coloring generator. So naturally, I used it to make horrific Pokemon abominations, and I thought I should share them with all of you.

And of course you can catch them all in this perfect normal Pokeball.

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In light of all this covfefe madness... I did a thing.
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I dug up an old thing I wrote, and since it took me forever to dig out of my tumblr, I'm just going to stick it here so I can find it more easily again in the future. And because I think it's still a relevant point, especially since I finally got this muse to wake back up.

Why I Roleplay

I'm alive!

Apr. 18th, 2017 05:29 pm
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Hi guys! I really don't have the brain at the moment to figure out things to say here, but I realised it's been a while since I posted anything, so here I am. Proving I'm not dead. I'll figure out something more interesting to say later, and possibly put up a sales post or something for various things because I have too many things laying around and would be very happy if they find other homes.
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For whoever read my "spot the lie" list and saw "visited every state" called out... It really wasn't much of a lie.

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In two weeks, I've gone from thinking I had finally found a good match in a therapist to having three different people tell me they can't work with me. That is the state of me right now.

I'm going to go play Pokemon and forget reality exists.
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Last March, I read an article about ways to make extra money, and something stuck out to me. Namely, I spent part of my undergraduate career as a fine arts minor, and suddenly wasn't sure why it had never occurred to me to be in those classes on the other side - and I immediately sent emails to every local gallery I could find with classes that might need a model. Since then, I've gone from doing that maybe once a month to reliably at least two times a week.

So after a year has passed, I think it's time for me to share with you all about the mostly glamorous, sometimes painful, and often bizarre experience of being a nude art model.

more under cut )
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All of these are true except for one. See if you can figure it out.

-As a child, I owned a goldfish that lived for nine years.
-I was an active Girl Scout for ten years, and I went with my troop to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
-I spent seven years in a relationship with a psychopath.
-A lot of people assume I have a younger sibling, and I'm pretty sure they mean my grandmother.
-At one point, I was convinced the government mistakenly thought I was dead.
-I turned 18 five days after a presidential election.
-Money once literally burned a hole in my pocket.
-I've been to orgies, plural.
-I've been to nine countries including the one I grew up in.
-I've been to every state in the US.
-The highest grade I ever received in school was "A++++++" because I just did that much work on an elementary school project.
-I was once marked absent unexcused from a class because of a tornado.
-My hands (only my hands) have been televised on a news network.
-I have never broken a bone.
-I once wrote secret admirer notes to 70 people as a game to see who could figure out who did it.
-My useless superpower is getting the figure I want out of blind figure boxes.

Basically, I realised my life is full of ridiculous statements, and I decided to make a game of it.
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Do any of you actually read this? Just curious whether or not I should feel bad about not having much to say recently.
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I was listening to this again earlier, and I made a comment about how I feel like I've been using this song as some kind of a checklist since I heard it years ago... and then decided I should do that for real and see what my score winds up being. So let's make a meme of it, shall we?

Living La Vie Boheme )

I got 210 out of a possible 330, so I guess I'm 64% Bohemian. What about you?
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Ever have one of those days where basically everything is disappointing? ...yeah.
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At the dinner I went to last night for the polyamory meetup, my friend made some comment about liking how comfortable his new boots are with the furry linings.

Other person: Oh are you guys furries???
Friend: No, no I'm not.
Me: ...Gotta love how I was included in the question... We're not together.
Other person: ...........Well I was going to say something about how you'll have been with everyone in this group if you stick around long enough, but that sounds bad.
Friend and me both: Why does that sound bad?

Only at a poly meetup could this conversation happen. And only in my social circles would someone ask whether I'm a furry because the friend I carpooled to the event with likes his new boots.

Now off to local protests. Here's hoping it doesn't get too crazy.

[edit] Didn't get to the protest because there was no parking anywhere in the area and I didn't have the foresight to take a bus. I'm just going to call adding to the traffic around there for an hour a contribution.
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I just watched the season finale for Sherlock.

...what the fuck did I just watch?

[edit] I was upset enough that it woke up the muse...
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Alright, so my therapist (who I communicate with via online chatboxes and it's lovely) just set me off by wondering why I don't have a traditional job, and I like how I worded all of this, so I'm putting it here in case I need an easy reference to hand to an older person with good intentions in the future. Feel free to consider it an article for that purpose if you want.

tl;dr yes, there are reasons )

In other news, it's been an interesting couple days. I tried to make a web account for my health care stuff yesterday, which involved calling a credit company to verify my identity, at which point I was informed that I was deceased. Today, I called the Social Security Administration to ask them why they think I'm dead and what I should do about it. Turns out I'm not dead in their system, and it's all on Experian's side. So... that's good, at least, that the SSA correctly thinks I'm alive. Now I just have to figure out how to correct it with Experian and I should be good to go. Interesting times.

If I'm alive according to the SSA and dead according to Experian, does that make me Schrodinger's cat?

[edit] Schrodinger's cat typoed their SSN and amazingly going back and doing the form all over again without a typo fixed the whole thing. This could all have been solved if the person on the phone the first time had double checked that with me rather than sending me on a wild goose chase through phone trees. Amazing.
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Caught up on Sherlock.

Spoilers )
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I told myself I wasn't going to be up until 5am again tonight. Alas...

That said, I have made two more paracord floggers and a whole bunch of Harry Potter house inspired snap charms (sans Ravenclaw, because try as I might, I could not get that color combination to look good with the clays I had--I stuck the one I attempted in the picture and you can see how blah it looks. I'll try that again later.) FYI I'm keeping the middle of the three floggers because I really like that color combination but everything else here is up for sale if anyone's interested.
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Figured I'd grab this "About Me" thing from [profile] taratula since most of you just met me a few days ago. I also added a few things, since as I was filling it out I noticed a couple random numbers were missing from the list I copied.

For the sake of not taking up a ton of space, have a cut. )

Feel free to ask whatever, including completely random things unrelated to this list, or clarifications like wtf a zi is.
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I took a short nap earlier, and during it, I had a dream in which I was at home, my mom asked me to catch a spider and take it outside, and when I got outside, I opened the container I'd trapped it in and let out not just a spider but about a dozen tiny snakes. So of course when I woke up I immediately went and grabbed my book of animal symbolism (because this is obviously a spiritual message, and has nothing to do with the fact that I haven't bothered to put on real clothes today and thus I'm still wearing my Slytherin pajama bottoms.)

Snakes are actually an animal I consider one of my totems, so it was good to read that bit again because I'd honestly forgotten most of it and a lot of it is still true. I have such a thing for death and rebirth symbols, and I forgot that's a snake's primary meaning... hence this icon, because I just went through some of the pile of house quote icons that [personal profile] lostinstars linked me to the other day, and in the midst of saving all the things that amused me with sarcasm, I wasn't expecting to find one I might actually say in all seriousness.

But there were some funny things in there, too, like how if I'm trying I can outstare someone I know who regularly intimidates people by staring at them. Snake trait - they have no eyelids.

The thing that really made me laugh though was how I'd recently realised that in my list of totems, I'd managed to represent every class of creature that can fly (herons are birds, butterflies are flying insects, bats are flying mammals) and I might just have something of an obsession with wings. So I got to this line: "In many Meso-American societies, the serpent or snake was depicted as feathered and flying." This is a reference to Quetzalcoatl, but what do you know, I even picked a flying reptile! Good job, me.

[edit] Looking through more of the Slytherin icons, I found one that reads "Oh, that is despicable. I love it!" and I'm pretty sure I actually did say that the other day with regard to a roleplay plot. I think my exact wording was "monstrous." Oops? lol (But really, you know you'd love my despicable roleplay plots.)

Hello World

Jan. 7th, 2017 11:22 pm
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Attempting journaling for the first time in ages, thanks to this thing, so I figure for my first entry, I can just repeat the summary I put there. Feel free to subscribe. Don't feel obligated to grant access to friendlocked things unless you feel like it. I'm easygoing.

Name| Wei
Age| 30
Other platforms| [ profile] zeroq1 [ profile] weijiangling [ profile] wei_jiangling [ profile] expcreations
Fandoms| Kamen Rider (OOO mostly but expanding), Doctor Who, Yuri on Ice, lots of visual novels and sci-fi and horror type things in general, also keeping up with some crunchyroll simulcasts that I'm not hugely into fandom for but would appreciate having people watching with me, and I'm in that Animorphs book club that was trying to get started on plurk and plan on reading the rest of them over this year whether the club actually happens or not
Interest| ...everything? Except sports. Unless it's sports anime, then maybe. For a recent example, let's go with archetypes as a self-reflection/career branding/character analysis tool. Also making floggers out of paracord.
Speed Bio| I am a humanoid of fluctuating gender who has a truly eclectic list of interests and a passion for trying to make the world we live in not suck.

What do you post| I haven't used a journaling site in ages, so I honestly don't have a clue, but it will probably be fandom and craft projects and babbling about sex ed type things (I have a podcast, on that note. Check it out here), possibly activism, and maybe some weird mystical type stuff like reiki and tarot.
Posting habits| I'm going to guess this will be something like equal parts long babbling philosophical posts, fandom silliness, and "Hey, guys, look, I did a thing!" but I honestly have no idea. Pace is really a mystery right now, too, though I wouldn't be surprised if it's twice in a day sometimes and once in a week other times.
Warnings| Sexuality discussion will happen. Maybe not in personal detail, but in general. Also general warning for depression and PTSD over a past abusive relationship.
Looking for| Anyone who thinks my randomness is interesting and wants to talk about things.
Deal breakers| People who never engage in conversation (which given the premise of this meme shouldn't really be an issue) or who want arguments all the time. I don't mind if people disagree with me, and actually like hearing from different viewpoints, but not so much antagonism.

Tell us any interesting thing about you! One of my old posts from when I used to LJ was about how money literally burned a hole in my pocket. I only remembered that because I went back and looked through my old journal recently, but it seemed like a good anecdote. Also, I own a lizard. (If I had infinite money and space I would probably own every animal ever.)
Anything else?
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